Much is riding on your media marketing and advertising strategy, from sales and brand lift to ROAS and reach. Here are challenges to overcome and capabilities to improve.

CMO Council research conducted in 2022, in partnership with SAS created an extensive study to understand where CX gaps and opportunities lie. We looked at CX from various perspectives and compared mature CX capabilities between top and bottom performers.

CMO Council research conducted in 2022, in partnership with BrandMuscle, examines the relationship between national brands and their local partner channel networks, including effectiveness, challenges, opportunities, digital marketing tactics, etc

Having a good understanding of your organization’s Data DNA is pivotal to gaining a better return-on-insight. Here are essential data segments and sources to tap to improve the diagnostics and predictive health of your business.

Hundreds of major brands are taking action and are pulling out of Russia, while those few staying silent are drawing ire over social media. In a connected global economy, where consumers hold sway, we’ve never seen anything like this: global companies weaponizing commerce in retaliation for bombs and bullets.