Program Overview

Optimizing Outcomes in Media Marketing

Are you interested in becoming a media marketing master?

The CMO Council, in partnership with NCSolutions, is undertaking research into key criteria for achieving media marketing mastery. The report will audit and assess how marketing leaders view media marketing and advertising against a backdrop of today’s macroeconomic and geopolitical trends. 


Specifically, the CMO Council will look at the developmental aspects of retail media networks, data clean rooms, audience targeting data, campaign measurementmeasuremen , etc. Research will also cover challenges on the road to media marketing mastery, such as budget constraints, lack of talent, data demands, privacy concerns, difficulty of in-flight adjustments, etc.


Media marketing mastery is an urgent area of focus and competitive advantage for marketers actively engaging customers in the right channels and at the right time in the customer journey. The goal is to learn how to optimize performance and business outcomes, including sales lift.


Topics to be explored:


  • Measuring/optimizing ad campaign outcomes
  • Crafting a customer data platform/clean room strategy
  • Converting data and advertising into a meaningful sales lift
  • Leveraging data types for better audience targeting 
  • Optimizing media and audiences in-flight
  • And much more!